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  • LTFU Brief Update April 2015
    Exercise and Heart Health
  • LTFU Brief Update January 2015
    Treatment side effects for low-risk leukemia
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2014
    Study Leadership Change 
    Healthy Habits and Modifiable Risk Factors
    Making Healthy Changes
  • LTFU Brief Update June 2014 
    Skin Cancer
  • LTFU Brief Update April 2014 
    Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • LTFU Brief Update February 2014 
  • LTFU Brief Update December 2013 
    Radiation Exposure from Medical Scans
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer/Fall 2013 
    Biologic samples and genetic research 
    Study Update - Gene tests offer hope for future survivors 
    Pharmacogenetics and the promise of personalized treatment
    What is a gene, anyway?
  • LTFU Brief Update June 2013 
    Post-Traumatic Stress and Personal Growth
  • LTFU Brief Update April 2013 
    Heart Health
  • LTFU Brief Update January 2013 
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer/Fall 2012 
    Fertility and Offspring of Childhood Cancer Survivors 
    Childhood Cancer Survivors – A Practical Guide (3rd Edition) 
    Save the Date for Survivors Day Webcast
  • LTFU Brief Update April 2012
    Fatigue, Sleep, and Mental Functioning
  • LTFU Brief Update January 2012
    Expanding the LTFU Study
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer 2011
    Study Update: Independent living
    LIFT-OFF Resources
    Employment issues
    Notes from participants
    Web links
  • LTFU Brief Update April 2011
    Health Links
  • LTFU Brief Update January 2011
    Dental Health
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2009
    Study Update: Physical activity among survivors
    Dr. Hudson's Comments: How can we help survivors move past roadblocks to 
    physical activity?
    Notes from Survivors: A survivor shares how he uses his experiences to help others 
    keep active. 
    Educational Handout: How can survivors who have been inactive get moving again safely?
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2009
    Study Update: Focusing on Risks
    Dr. Hudson's Comments: Screening Tests 
    An Interview with Dr. Armstrong: Siblings 
    Notes from Survivors: A Sibling Reflects
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2008 
    Free Help to Quit Smoking 
    Study Update: Emotional health 
    Add new energy to your life 
    Study Update: Fatigue and sleep problems 
    Comments by Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer 
    Notes from participants
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2008
    We Need Your Help 
    Study Update: Complementary and Alternative Medicine 
    Comments by Dr. Hudson 
    Study Update: Physical Activity 
    Spring into Action 
    Notes from Participants 
    Camp Mak-A-Dream Dates
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2007 
    General Health 
    Second Cancers 
    Reproductive Health 
    Insurance Access 
    Emotional Health 
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2007 
    Dr. Hudson's comments: How do such changes affect overall health? 
    Survivor notes: How can you stay healthy in the face of such challenges?
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2006 
    Study update: Chronic health problems 
    Assess your risk 
    Camp Mak-A-Dream 2007 
    Notes from study participants
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2006 
    Update on Coordinating Center transition 
    Study update: Risk of specific adult cancers 
    Take control: Practice healthy habits 
    Know the 7 warning signs of adult cancer 
    Finding a doctor who understands 
    Follow-up clinic to the rescue 
    Using the COG screening guidelines 
    Published findings
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2005 
    Study update: Physical limitations (comment by Dr. Hudson)
    A book for your doctor 
    Resources for living with limitations 
    Advocacy: You've got the power! 
    About St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2005 
    Rhabdomyosarcoma survivors - Dr. Hudson 
    Know your family health history 
    Update from ACOR discussion lists 
    Notes from study participants 
    ICCCPO parent and survivor conference 
    INSERT: "My Family Health Portrait" (from U.S. Surgeon General's History Initiative)
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2004 
    Bone tumor survivors - Dr. Hudson 
    Healthy moves 
    Participant profile: Laura Feldman 
    "Scope" study news
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2004 
    LTFU in Newsweek 
    Study update: Health status; cancer screening practices 
    Your follow-up plan - Dr. Hudson 
    New link on LTFU website: ACOR support groups 
    View from a long-term survivor 
    Notes from study participants
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2003 
    Study update: Obesity and leukemia 
    Brian Price: world champion, leukemia survivor 
    Camp Mak-a-Dream a success 
    Physical changes after cancer - Dr. Hudson 
    Weight loss tips 
    Annual investigators' meeting 
    LTFU publications to date
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Spring 2003 
    Study update: Health care access 
    Finding community care 
    Social worker Sally Wiard 
    Sally's insurance checklist 
    Recommended resources 
    Young adult camping conference
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 2002
    Dealing with emotions after childhood illness - Dr. Hudson 
    Study update: Mental health 
    Finding community mental health services (insert) 
    Study investigator Dr. Brad Zebrack 
    Survivors and siblings make history! 
    Some famous cohort studies
  • LTFU Newsletter Winter/Spring 2002 
    Meet the Carsons 
    Study update: Pregnancy outcomes 
    Having children after childhood cancer - Dr. Hudson 
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer 2001 
    Meet Mark Miller 
    Results of smoking study 
    Benefits of quitting smoking 
    Quit smoking: resources 
    Risk factors for long-term effects: Osteoporosis; heart disease; breast cancer
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Winter 2001 
    Patient Advocate Foundation 
    Study update: Secondary cancers 
    Thinking about secondary malignancies - Dr. Hudson 
    Secondary cancers: Further reading 
    Breast cancer after Hodgkin's 
    Cancer genes and your family
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer/Fall 2000 
    Book: Survivors' guide 
    Study update: Thyroid problems after Hodgkin's 
    Understanding risk - Dr. Neglia
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 1999 
    Staying healthy - Dr. Hudson 
    6 steps you can take for a healthier life 
    Study update: Marriage and divorce 
    The "Scope" study 
    Letter from a participant: Donna Nave
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Fall 1998 
    Genes and the fight against cancer 
    Literature watch 
    What is hepatitis C?
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer 1997 
    Study stats 
    Lit watch 
    What about my kids? - Dr. Mulvihill
    Save your smile 
    Please stay in touch with us
  • LTFU Study Newsletter Summer 1996
    Insurance issues 
    LTFU clinics 
    Fertility in survivors of childhood illnesses 
    You and your doctor