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Participant Benefits

With your help, we've been able to learn a lot. But many questions are still unanswered.

If you have not completed a health update survey in the last 1-3 years, please contact us.

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Improving the lives of others

Health information from participants in the Long-Term Follow-Up Study helps to develop programs aimed at improving the quality of life for survivors.  Also, researchers and doctors learn from current survivors to develop new treatments for children with cancer. Improving childhood cancer treatments can help prevent survivors from developing health problems later in life that may be a result of either the disease or its treatment.


Increasing understanding of your health

Your survey answers help us learn more about how childhood cancer treatments may affect survivors during later stages of their lives. This knowledge helps survivors, and their health care providers, by:

  • Alerting them to possible risks
  • Increasing awareness of screening and early detection of health issues
  • Allowing for the adoption of effective prevention strategies
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Benefits for you

Many participants report that the most important benefit of being part of the Long-Term Follow-Up Study is the pride they feel in being part of the study, and knowing they are helping to improve the lives of future generations. Others mention that they are glad to have a way to "give back" to science and medicine. Participants may also take part in additional studies focused on protecting and promoting survivors' health and receive newsletters with information about health issues that may affect survivors of childhood cancer and useful resources.


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