This list provides links to top websites specific to cancer survivors.

Survivorship clinics

Children's Oncology Group


Survivor resources

Camps for survivors (Ped-Onc Resource Center)

Counseling and supportive care (Cancer Care)

Creating a survivor care plan (Journey Forward)

Fertility information and resources (Livestrong)

Guide to Quit Smoking (Tobacco Free Life)

Resources to help survivors succeed in college (Affordable Colleges Online)

For medical providers

Guidelines for Survivors of Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers (COG LTFU Guidelines)

Information from the LTFU Study was key to the development of the Children's Oncology Group's Long-Term Follow-Up guidelines. The guidelines detail health screening recommendations based on the specific treatments that survivors received.

Late Effects of Treatment for Childhood Cancer (NCI/PDQ)

For patients and providers

Oncofertility Consortium (Northwestern University)

General survivorship information

Additional information for survivors (National Cancer Institute)

Coping with cancer survivorship (National Cancer Institute)

Late effects of treatment (National Cancer Institute)

Healthy eating, active living (American Cancer Society)

Exercise and nutrition tracker (United States Department of Agriculture)

Smoking (American Lung Association)

My quit smoking plan (National Cancer Institute)

Sun protection (Skin Cancer Foundation)

Scholarships for survivors (Ped-Onc Resource Center)

Social networking

Connect with others (Stupid Cancer's Community Page)