Health Tips

Much of what we know about how to protect the health of cancer survivors throughout their lives comes from the Long-Term Follow-Up Study. This knowledge helps survivors and their health care providers by increasing their awareness of possible health risks, increasing screening and early detection of health issues, and adopting effective preventive strategies.
The LTFU Study's Health Tips are developed by our researchers to help survivors promote their personal health and well-being.

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    Should you go organic?

    While it has not been proven that organic fruits and vegetables are healthier for you, it is important to eat a large array of fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet.

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    Your action plan to tame stress

    Many survivors experience stress because of their treatment and side effects. There are many different actions survivors can take to help reduce and control this stress.

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    Hot tips to save your skin

    Because survivors have an increased risk of developing skin cancer, it is best to apply an ample amount of sunscreen before going out in the sun.

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    Yet another reason to eat your fruits and veggies

    Flavonoids, a nutritious substance found in fruits and vegetables, can promote healthy skin, reduce high blood pressure, along with many other health benefits.

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    Physical activity can help you stay healthy

    Daily physical activity has many benefits including reduced anxiety, healthy heart, better mood, and improves appetite.

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    Healthy habits: How to get them

    Starting with a small, simple habit, like walking for a few minutes a day, can lead to a lifelong habit that promotes a healthy lifestyle.