myLTFU: A quick introduction

myLTFU is a mobile-friendly web portal that’s accessible by your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Activate myLTFU to:

  • Complete your follow-up surveys online
  • Access a comprehensive list of study resources
  • Learn about new studies you are eligible for

Activate myLTFU

Other things to know about myLTFU:

  • It doesn’t take up space on your phone or need updating like “native” apps
  • You can still complete your surveys by paper or phone with an LTFU interviewer if you prefer.

Benefits of myLTFU:

  • Complete surveys on a secure, mobile-friendly platform
  • Save your answers and come back to your survey later
  • Receive updates and messages from the LTFU study team
  • Learn about future studies and opportunities to give back
  • Browse a comprehensive list of resources for survivors
  • View real-time visualizations of how some of your survey answers compare with other survey respondents
  • Access customized resources based upon your original treatment information and a personalized, comprehensive list of your contributions to the study (coming)

To activate myLTFU:

  • Click the button below to go to the verification page
  • Enter your date of birth, personal Key Code from your invitation email or letter, and email address, then create a password
  • Log into your portal

Activate myLTFU

Already activated onto myLTFU? Log in.