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Here is more information about the HINT study. You can always contact us with questions, concerns, or suggestions – we are always glad to hear from you!

Welcome to the LTFU HINT Study!

Thank you for continuing to take part in the Long-Term Follow-Up (LTFU) Study. We are excited to announce the LTFU HINT Study, which brings together dedicated participants like you.

Why are we doing this study?

The HINT study has been designed for adult survivors of childhood cancer. The purpose of this study is to help survivors become more aware of their health insurance benefits, needs, and rights. We also want to learn about what the best ways are to help survivors learn more about health insurance.

What will I be asked to do?

Surveys. We will ask you to answer a brief set of questions about some of your basic information, as well as  your insurance experiences, knowledge, and coverage history. This can be done on-line or on paper, whichever is easier for you, and should take no more than approximately 15 minutes. We will ask you to fill out a survey at two time points during the study: when you first join the study, and about 5 months later.

Videoconferencing-based Insurance Education Sessions. You will be randomly (like the flip of a coin) assigned to one of two groups. If you are in one group, the study will arrange 4 health insurance educational sessions between you and a patient navigator that will occur every week over a 1-month period. The sessions will be about 30 minutes long and will be delivered to you through Zoom. One group will not take part in the health insurance education sessions.

Mailing of a Health Insurance Information Booklet. The study will send you an electronic copy of a health insurance information booklet. Both groups will receive the booklet.

Videoconferencing-based Interview. If you are in the group that took part in the health insurance education sessions, you will also have the opportunity to take part in an interview with a research team member after you finish your 4 sessions. The interview will be delivered through Zoom just like the health insurance education sessions and will be about 20 minutes long.

How long will I be in the study?

You will be asked to take part in the study for 4 months, which will span the study activities of the initial survey, the completion of the program, and a post-program survey.

Will I get paid if I participate?

Yes. If you are in Group A, you will receive $20 for each survey that you complete (initial survey, follow-up survey, exit interview) for up to a total of $60. If you are in Group B, you also receive $20 for each survey that you complete (initial survey, follow-up survey) for up to a total of $40.

How do I join the HINT Study?

Please click this link to complete a brief consent and eligibility form:

You will need your key code that you received in your invitation email or letter.  If you do not have your key code, then please contact the study team at or call us toll free at 800-775-2167.


Additional FAQ

  1. Health Insurance Navigation Tools

  2. We will recruit about 80 people from the LTFU Study to take part in this study.

  3. Yes. You can decide to stop at any time. Tell a study investigator (researcher), a study coordinator, or a patient navigator if you are thinking about stopping or if you decide to stop.

  4. The study is being done in collaboration with researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Huntsman Cancer Institute.

  5. For study related questions or concerns, please refer questions to Dr. Park or Dr. Kirchhoff.

    • Dr. Park at 617-724-4738 (principal investigator)
    • Dr. Kirchhoff at 801-587-4084 (co investigator)

You can also contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We are always glad to hear from you.

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